25 before 25

run five 5k's races. 
runway run.

lose 20 lbs. 
8 lbs down, 12 to go.(side note: I said I wanted to lose 20 on my 24th birthday but since losing what I have I feel a million times better so I'm going more on how I feel and less on what that number is)

donate blood. 
obvious reason. 

tell a friend about my blog. 
done! people are awesome. 

go to a professional sports game. 

read a book on a religion. 
just because I don't believe in a god doesn't mean I don't want to learn about one!

go to Treego again.
best. time. ever. must. go. back. 

write 261 posts from my 24th birthday to my 25th. 

write one post a day for two months. 
june is one!

be okay with whatever living situation I am in. find the positives. 

stay on budget. 

plan a trip. 

leave the country. 

take my parents out for a nice dinner. 
they deserve it. 

do something on a whim. 
I am not spontaneous. 

make a photo album. 

go 24 hours social media free. 
is it sad this seems really hard to do?

have $1000 in my savings. 
maybe for that trip mentioned above?

do 25 random acts of kindness. 

don't eat out for one week straight. 

stop biting my fingernails. 
such a disgusting habit. 

purge my closet.

these posts always intrigue me.

plant a successful garden. 
I planted one! lets see if it's successful. 

run 1000 kilometres. 
144 down. 

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