Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Grampie

I look forward to flipping my calendar to the next page every month. I love a fresh start, new month, new week, new season. I'm all in. This morning I flipped my calendar to November. I love this design! I found this calendar on clearance last year and have been in love with every month more than the last, it will be a sad day when it's all used up!

Today, November 1st, 2015 my grandfather would have been 89 years old. He passed away this year so when I was writing all the dates in at the beginning of the year I had written his birthday in. There was a part of me that knew he probably wouldn't make it, but I wasn't sure. 

Grampie had been sick for awhile so it was one of those deaths that was still really sad, but also in a weird way kind of nice. He's not suffering anymore, he's free. I'm not a religious person and I sure as hell don't know what happens after you die but I like to think he's on a farm somewhere tending to the horses or growing a huge garden, bigger then the one he had in Kilmuir!

There are little things in life that will always remind me of Grampie. He used to have this license plate on his old truck with horses on it. I saw it the other day at the grocery store and it took my breath away for a minute. When I say old, I mean really old! It was a nice reminder.

I can't eat a carrot or tomato without thinking of him either. It's the strangest thing! He had this amazing garden when I was little (I was pretty little so it could have been tiny, but in my mind it was HUGE!) and any time I slept over we would go out, pick carrots and tomatoes, bring them to the sink in the garage, rinse them, and eat them right there. I was blown away the first time I saw him eat a tomato like an apple!

I sadly don't have any pictures of us at my house but I know that there is one of me and him walking out to the back yard holding hands. It's one of my all time favourite pictures and I will find it before the end of the month!

So, where ever you are Grampie, know that I'm thinking of you, I love you, and happy birthday.

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