Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Runner's High

Back in the day (aka two years ago?) I took up running and I was hooked! Unfortunately I have a short attention span and usually move on from one obsession to the next pretty quickly. Something I always try and commit to though is the Corporate Marathon Relay that happens every year in October. I've made it two of of the last three years which isn't the best track record but not the worst either!

Why is it that running is so hard to commit to? For some reason, putting on my running clothes and tying my sneakers is the hardest feat for me. Once I get out there though I'm hooked. I definitely experience that infamous runner's high. If you have any motivational tips to get off my ass and start the run please provide! Or come live with me and force me to go for a run.

This weekend I participated again in the relay marathon and wanted to take a second and capture the memory. Not too much to say (thankfully I had a small leg!) but some highlights:
- It was hailing, yup HAIL. In October. Brutal.
- There was two teams from my office and we beat the other team by 1:22 which made it that much more exciting! A little friendly competition never hurt.
- I had to race for my leg. By some strange luck, the person running the same leg as mine from the other team and I, we started our leg together. Talk about pressure! He beat me by a couple steps. So frustrating but I didn't stop once and that was my goal!

A huge congratulations to our whole team, see you next year!

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