Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life After an Exam

You may or may not know that I am currently working towards my Accounting Designation. Trying to get a couple more letters added to the end of my name and hopefully make more money.

Currently I'm in a phase of studying my ass off for a couple weeks, writing an exam, waiting a couple weeks for the results, and then doing it all over again. To say it is an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement! When I write I have two solid weeks of waiting for the results. It's amazing the difference feelings you can have in just those two short weeks of waiting.

Phase 1: Devastation 
I always instantly feel like I've failed. That I just wasted weeks of school work and two vacation days of exam prep. This phase ALWAYS involves a delicious Caesar.

Phase 2: Exhaustion
My exams go from 9am - 1pm. My caeser drinking goes from around 1:05pm - 2:30pm. Then I crash. Not only does my brain shut off but my body shuts down.

Me. In a nutshell.
Phase 3: Hope
When I finally get over my tiredness I can finally think about what the results might be, and this is the time when I get hope. That maybe just maybe I finally passed this one!

Phase 4: Laziness (currently)
Oh man I cannot get over this laziness! No joke, I on season four of Scandal. I started it the day I wrote (one and a half weeks ago). I'm pretty sure Lukas thinks I have a problem.

Phase 5: The End
Finally! The day I've been waiting for! Results. Ugh. They come out at noon time and it is a BRUTAL wait. My results come Friday so pretty please cross your fingers for me!

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Miranda Pridgeon said...

I went through the same things every time I had huge tests. It can be so stressful!