Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life After an Exam

You may or may not know that I am currently working towards my Accounting Designation. Trying to get a couple more letters added to the end of my name and hopefully make more money.

Currently I'm in a phase of studying my ass off for a couple weeks, writing an exam, waiting a couple weeks for the results, and then doing it all over again. To say it is an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement! When I write I have two solid weeks of waiting for the results. It's amazing the difference feelings you can have in just those two short weeks of waiting.

Phase 1: Devastation 
I always instantly feel like I've failed. That I just wasted weeks of school work and two vacation days of exam prep. This phase ALWAYS involves a delicious Caesar.

Phase 2: Exhaustion
My exams go from 9am - 1pm. My caeser drinking goes from around 1:05pm - 2:30pm. Then I crash. Not only does my brain shut off but my body shuts down.

Me. In a nutshell.
Phase 3: Hope
When I finally get over my tiredness I can finally think about what the results might be, and this is the time when I get hope. That maybe just maybe I finally passed this one!

Phase 4: Laziness (currently)
Oh man I cannot get over this laziness! No joke, I on season four of Scandal. I started it the day I wrote (one and a half weeks ago). I'm pretty sure Lukas thinks I have a problem.

Phase 5: The End
Finally! The day I've been waiting for! Results. Ugh. They come out at noon time and it is a BRUTAL wait. My results come Friday so pretty please cross your fingers for me!

Friday, October 23, 2015

TV Must Watch - Scandal

Have you heard of the latest faze - Netflix and Chill? All the cool kids are doing it. Except this chick. When I want to Netflix and chill I literally want to get on my couch, grab some blankets and a snack, and binge watch my latest obsession - Scandal.

I cannot get enough of Olivia Pope!!! She is so stunningly brilliant. I love a strong female lead. She's the true definition of a #GirlBoss and I love it. I started Saturday and am halfway through season two. In my defense, season one only had like eight episodes so that's not that bad right?


Please tell me there are more Olivia Pope fans out there?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Runner's High

Back in the day (aka two years ago?) I took up running and I was hooked! Unfortunately I have a short attention span and usually move on from one obsession to the next pretty quickly. Something I always try and commit to though is the Corporate Marathon Relay that happens every year in October. I've made it two of of the last three years which isn't the best track record but not the worst either!

Why is it that running is so hard to commit to? For some reason, putting on my running clothes and tying my sneakers is the hardest feat for me. Once I get out there though I'm hooked. I definitely experience that infamous runner's high. If you have any motivational tips to get off my ass and start the run please provide! Or come live with me and force me to go for a run.

This weekend I participated again in the relay marathon and wanted to take a second and capture the memory. Not too much to say (thankfully I had a small leg!) but some highlights:
- It was hailing, yup HAIL. In October. Brutal.
- There was two teams from my office and we beat the other team by 1:22 which made it that much more exciting! A little friendly competition never hurt.
- I had to race for my leg. By some strange luck, the person running the same leg as mine from the other team and I, we started our leg together. Talk about pressure! He beat me by a couple steps. So frustrating but I didn't stop once and that was my goal!

A huge congratulations to our whole team, see you next year!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Favourite Place - Part 1

I'm falling more in love with our house every day. I keep finding new things that are my favourite! I haven't shared many pictures of it yet so I thought I would share a couple pictures here.
Full disclosure: I clean in batches, these areas of the house are what I happened to tidy this morning, many more pictures to come!

This is what you see as soon as you walk in. Doesn't look like much but it's a couple of my favourite things I get to see right before I leave and as soon as I walk in. The flowers are from the wedding of our two best friends, the wine is from our (first) house warming party and the picture is from a really great day Lou and I spent with family.

This may just be my favourite part of the whole house! I have lived with MANY painful kitchens so getting my dream one was UNREAL. Yup, there's still dishes in the sink and things on the far counter but you get the gist. This is real life, my mom's house is the only one that looks like it's out of a magazine. One of the traits I forgot to pick up from her!

Call me crazy but an actual 'grown up' lamp (if that's such a thing) is not something I have ever owned! First of all, these things are expensive (thank you lovely people for gift cards!!), secondly... actually there is no second thing. I'm cheap.

I love this little corner of our living room (more pictures to come there too, so much cat hair).

This is what I like to call the Kitty Cat Corner. Yes, it's the dogs space too but let's be real. The cat is the master of us all. He's currently laying between me and the computer as I type threatening to dig his nails in if I stop nuzzling him. He really is lovely.

It's kind of a wasted space in the kitchen but it works perfectly for holding Smudge and Sully's food, treats and general junk they have.

My favourite spot in the Kitty Cat Corner (I'm dead serious this is what I call it every time I reference this part of the house. Which is surprisingly a lot...) is the new runner my mom made for Smudge's food. I was nervous he would scratch the surface every time his 20 lbs jumped up there so when I saw mom had some extra of this material around I knew it would be perfect! Thank you mom!

Just put it on yesterday so the cat hair hasn't managed to embed itself in there yet!

That's it for now! There will be more parts to this series as I get better pictures together. I've said it a million times before but buying a house is STRESSFUL and it couldn't have been done without the crazy support we've had from family! You guys are the best!