Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Day Fix Challenge Group!

I'm in the process of putting together my first challenge group and I'm looking for some more participants! It is a 21 day program that is run in a closed group on Facebook. It is designed to provide a ton of support for each and stick together to achieve our goals.

With the program you get:

  • 7 color-coded portion-control containers
  • Shakeology® shaker cup
  • 6 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts
  • 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar
  • 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do
  • 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn's secret weapon for fast weight loss
  • Dirty 30 bonus workout

Depending on your goals you could lose as much as 15 pounds in three weeks! The workouts can be done by anyone, any age, any fitness level. I plan on taking over my living room for the next 21 days.

My favourite part, with the containers and the detailed meal plan/guide, it takes the guess work out of what to eat. Ever hear the expression abs are made in the kitchen? The 2 Day Fix will help with exactly that!


Any questions shoot me an email at, leave a comment, or message me on Facebook.

Friday, February 13, 2015

mid mid life crisis

ever have a mid mid life crisis? yes you read that right, no typo. I'm only 25 and lately I have been questioning everything! I am working full time in the accounting field and studying full time to receive my CPA designation. it is a ridiculous amount of work and sacrifices and I don't even know if it's what I want to do with my life!

in university I started studying criminology in an arts school, didn't love it so moved to psychology. didn't love that so switched schools and started a kinesiology degree and lo and behold I wasn't a fan of that either! then I switched departments and settled for business. I figured what the hell I had tried everything else, it was the only one left!

I was decent at the accounting courses so I stuck with those. I struggled through university. like I mean struggled! who didn't prefer going downtown on Tuesday vs studying!?

so what did I do? sign up to get my accounting designation and now I don't know anymore! I feel like every couple of months when I am struggling with something and trying just isn't cutting it I want to quit. I hate to think of myself as a quitter but sometimes I seriously think I am! I hate that part of myself. thank god for Luke who is always supportive of all my crazy ideas. I have no idea how he doesn't roll his eyes when I tell him about my next endeavor.

so what the heck is this long winded complaining post about!? I've recently signed up to be a BeachBody coach! I know, it's crazy. I think so too! I even made a facebook group claiming to all my friends and family that I am a coach and then instantly freaked out a little. I mean I'm a quitter! I quit everything! but now I'm accountable to everyone I know plus complete strangers.

I feel like this is it. this is where I turn around my quitting streak and what I think will turn around my 'wanting to quit' feeling towards my designation. everytime I get into a workout routine I feel a million times better about every aspect of my life. my work improves, studying seems bearable, and my relationships do a 360. it's almost as if once I get a little bit healthier I fall in love with everyone in my life all over again. especially Lukas. maybe I'm feeling sentimental because v-day is coming up but we'll pretend its not!

okay, I will be kicking ass at the at the 21 Day Fix and I want to invite you to join me! check out the tab at the top of my page to learn more about it!

also, if you've made it this far into the longest, wordiest post of life, leave a comment with the word poop in it. poop is always funny!