Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday morning

Saturday morning is one of my favourite time of the week.  Lukas is a late sleeper so I have the house to myself.  It gives me time to tidy up (as much as I want to), catch up on shows Luke usually rolls his eyes through, and enjoy my coffee.  I love being around people and excitement as much as anyone but alone time is something I crave. Saturday morning is the best time for that. I can recharge after a busy work week and get excited about whatever the rest of the weekend has to offer.

Since I have a couple weeks off school it's an especially more enjoyable time! Lately my Saturday mornings have been spent catching up on any school I've slacked on through the week so I'm really taking advantage of them now.  Side note, found out yesterday I passed my post recent course so yay me!

Usually Sully and I get lots of cuddles in on these mornings but it is so beautiful outside he's ditching me to chew sticks!

This guy especially loves nice days. It means he gets the house to himself and doesn't have to be bothered by a stinky dog.

I still can't believe Smudge is going to be five this Christmas Eve! It seems like yesterday we were going to this lady's house that had 13 (ya, 13!) kitties running around but this little chubster ran right over! Who knew that three pound little hairball would turn into this 19 pound fluffball!

Okay time to refill this mug and catch up on PLL.

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Tamara said...

Yay for passing your course! And Smudge is super sassy, I can just tell from the picture.