Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday morning

Saturday morning is one of my favourite time of the week.  Lukas is a late sleeper so I have the house to myself.  It gives me time to tidy up (as much as I want to), catch up on shows Luke usually rolls his eyes through, and enjoy my coffee.  I love being around people and excitement as much as anyone but alone time is something I crave. Saturday morning is the best time for that. I can recharge after a busy work week and get excited about whatever the rest of the weekend has to offer.

Since I have a couple weeks off school it's an especially more enjoyable time! Lately my Saturday mornings have been spent catching up on any school I've slacked on through the week so I'm really taking advantage of them now.  Side note, found out yesterday I passed my post recent course so yay me!

Usually Sully and I get lots of cuddles in on these mornings but it is so beautiful outside he's ditching me to chew sticks!

This guy especially loves nice days. It means he gets the house to himself and doesn't have to be bothered by a stinky dog.

I still can't believe Smudge is going to be five this Christmas Eve! It seems like yesterday we were going to this lady's house that had 13 (ya, 13!) kitties running around but this little chubster ran right over! Who knew that three pound little hairball would turn into this 19 pound fluffball!

Okay time to refill this mug and catch up on PLL.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are sometimes hard to keep.  They're easier when you're younger and it's just your siblings and parents but now everyone is growing up, getting significant others and having kids.  It's a really weird transition to go from one family of six to essentially five separate families now.  I don't hate it.  I'm so grateful we are all happy, healthy and have found someone we love, but still, it was a hell of a lot easier to organize us all a few years ago!

One of my favourite traditions though is still alive and well, and one I'm so thankful for!  Every year my parents get us each an ornament.  They are usually handmade from a craft fair and always mean something.

This is definitely one of my favourites.  I liked to think that I could of been a superstar someday.  Obviously that didn't pan out...

This one is from the first year Lukas and I lived together just us.  We were celebrating our 5th Christmas together in Souris River.

This wasn't written on but I'm pretty sure it was 2012 too. My mom, sisters and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend in the big apple!

Luke and I have been starting the tradition of giving each other ornaments as well. We exchanged this last year. Apparently we like beverages?

I couldn't NOT include a picture of the Sullster! How sweet is this pose??

Now that I've written this I realize I didn't really take a lot of pictures of the ornaments considering my tree is full of them!  These ones are definitely my favourites though. I could easily go out and buy a bunch of cute Target ornaments but the idea of accumulating them over time is so much better.  It really is the simplest traditions that are the best.

What's your favourite tradition?

Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY wine cork Christmas tree

Happy December!!  I'm kind of having a DIY Christmas this year.  The funds are pretty low but I still want a semi decorated house.  So of course, Pinterest to the rescue.
I found this pin and since my love for wine is a little over the top, I knew I had to try it.

 photo IMG_8399.jpg

Mine definitely don't look as cute as the originals but I am still pretty impressed with how they turned out.  The only thing I would change is the trunk.  I seen a picture of one that used another cork as the trunk which might be a better idea!

Start out by getting together everything you need:
 - corks (duh!)

- glitter

- school glue (or mod podge)

- twine
- toilet paper roll
- hot glue gun

 photo IMG_8388.jpg

I started by putting glitter on all the corks, eight of each colour.
Pro tip: gold glitter would look so nice mixed in here!
Make sure you shake off the excess glue before dipping it in the glitter.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage.jpg

And this is where my blogging skills suck.  I forgot to take pictures of the rest!
Start with the bottom row and glue three corks together.  Make sure you set them on the table as you are gluing them so they lay flat.  Then just keep adding them on top and gluing as you go!  I didn't use new corks so they are a little uneven and some of them have a red tinge but I think that adds to the whole homemade DIY feel of the project.

Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out, now I just need to find a cute star to put on top!

 photo IMG_8420.jpg