Sunday, November 30, 2014

catch up.

I wrote my last final for 2014 yesterday and it feels so good to be done for the year!  I am in the longest process of getting my CPA designation and right now I am in the PREP portion of it.  Basically it is accelerated and condensed university courses that you need to get into the actual CPA PEP course.

I've finished three of the six PREP courses I need and then I start the PEP portion. It seems like such a huge commitment and I seriously question my decision to take it everyday. If you're Canadian though, you might have noticed Friday was the day everyone who is completing the program received their grades. Seeing so many people getting congratulated on Facebook and Twitter was just the kick in the ass I needed.  I have five weeks until I start the next course so I need to remember this feeling!

Finals are exhausting! This right here is EXACTLY how I felt when I finished.  And the three hour nap I took right after proves it.

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So, now I get to focus on Christmas the holidays and drinking wine and making plans!
And most importantly getting to spend more time with friends and family.  Especially this little stinker who I am currently trying to make love me!

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Tomorrow is December and I am so excited for it!  Bring on the holidays!

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