Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been far too long since I have done this bad boy.  In fact the last time I would have linked up would have been with the only and only Lin.

2.  I just made lemon squares and they were the bomb.  I want to eat the whole freaking pan.  Recipe will be on the blog tomorrow!

3.  Sully's been annoying tonight and it always makes me so sad when he's being a jerk!  Please stop nipping at my fingers, kbye.

4.  SUPER DUPER exciting things are happening at work!  I don't like to talk about work on here but holy shit batman I'm a happy girl.

5.  I had to buy a PC for school so I gave Luke my Mac.  I fucking hate the amount of popups/ads all over every frigging page.  How do I get rid of them forever!

6.  I caved and spent $40 on self tanner.  There have been a shit load of studies done on the high stats with Islanders getting melanoma and considering I don't tan anyways I figured I might as well try and tint my skin the healthy way.  I went with the St. Tropez tanning mousse.  Will let yas know how that works out *fingers crossed*

7.  I'm meeting my mom and brothers gf at Boston Pizza tomorrow and I can't tell you how excited I am to get a Beef au Jus.  I have no idea why but I have been craving one for months.  Guaranteed I have my hopes up too high and it tastes like shit.

8.  How do we may Sully slow down while eating?  He's hoes into his food like you wouldn't believe.

9.  I'm leading my first practice this Saturday and I did not think I would be this nervous.  I have been the assistant for a ton but I have never led an entire practice myself.  Gotta start somewhere though!

10.  The weather has been amazing this past weekend up until today and I think tomorrow it is supposed to be beautiful too!  I have determined I need more maxi dresses/skirts in my life.  Any good cheap ones around?

Thank you to Alyssa for hosting!

xoxo, Meg


Alyssa Whitt said...

1. So glad you did!
6. Probably worth the money!
7. I don't know what beed au jus is but it sounds delicious.
10. Target has this really cute floral maxi I've been eyeing for...$25 I think? I've BEEN waiting for it to go on sale but I'm about to wave the white flag and just buy it anyway.
Thanks for linking up this week!

Martha Hokenson said...

I can't wait for the lemon squares recipe! Let us know how the self tanner works...I have a bitch of a time with those things so I usually just give up. But it would be nice to have glowy legs for a change!

Good luck on leading the practice! You can do it!

Do you have Target in Canada? They have cute maxis.

Lin said...

1. haha, yeah it's been a while if the last time you did it was when I hosted.
2. Dude you suck for posting that photo of it on IG yesterday...my mouth watered SO bad. Can't wait for the recipe.
3. lol...but he's SOOO cute.
4. Is it a raise? Man, I hope it's a raise.
6. $40 on self tanner? You're nuts but I really really hope it works.
7. Story of my life.
8. Good question...I say you google it. It's my BFF when it comes to my dog. Also, Ive never had that problem cause Gigi almost never eats her food without coercion.
9. Go you! You're gonna do great.
10. If you can find a Target, they have tons.

Katrin said...

1. Happy to read your post
3. I am so in love with your dog!
4. Sounds exciting! :)
5. I want a Mac.
6. I need some self tanner too. I never tan.
10. I am searching for a maxi dress as well!