Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Stock

I sort of love posts like this and since I'm not feeling very creative lately here goes!  ps. this blog where I got the idea is amazing.  holy graphic designer pro.

Making: lemon squares!

Cooking: nachos.  made THE BEST ones the other day.  you have to have homemade guac.  it should just be a necessity with all nachoes.
Drinking: wine spritzers on the weekend and water ever since.
Reading: The Fault in our Stars.  holy. shit.  I am taking a 5 minutes break from reading it to write this post.  IT'S SO GOOD!! 

Wanting: to not want those chocolate covered pretzels waiting for me to eat them in the kitchen.
Looking: for new books to read/listen to.  suggestions?
Playing: Sky Burger and Crib.
Wasting: valuable reading time by writing this :)
Sewing: nothing unfortunately.
Wishing: Sully didn't try to eat everything.  always.
Enjoying: this weather!  it's AMAZING lately!
Waiting: for Lukas to call for a drive home.
Liking: maxi dresses and skirts.
Loving: the bridesmaid dress I get to wear in a couple months. it's called a henkaa dress and you should let me know what your favourite way to style one is.

Hoping: I get lots of sleep tonight.

Needing: all the mosqitoes and black flies to fly the hell out of here.
Wearing: sweat pants and the same shirt I wore working out today.  I'm gross.
Noticing: that Sully is being too quiet.  something must be up.
Knowing: I should really take him out but those bugs are SO BAD!
Thinking: really seriously about whether I should go back to school or not in September.
Feeling: lazy and happy.

I took some out but find the original here.

xoxo, Meg


Genna said...

My bridesmaids wore those same dresses for outbreeding back in February. A few suggestions. When you cut it, cut it a little shorter than you think you'll need. There's a lot of fabric so if you cut it to your normal dress length you'll have to kick it as you walk. Also, the material is kinda silky and slippery and when you tie it it slides around a little bit so bring fashion tape and safety pins and stuff!

Katrin said...

I am not a hug fan of movies based on books but I do need to watch The Fault in Our Stars!