Monday, June 2, 2014

Sully part two.

A few weeks ago Lukas and I brought home the cutest puppy ever.  No joke.  Cutest.  I figured it was time to do a little update.  Not gonna lie it's really hard not to write a post a week and tell you what Sully is up to.  That would get a little out of hand!

Sully is now nine ish weeks (born March 27th) and weighs a whopping 14 lbs.  When we took him home he was eight so now he seems huge!  The best part is definitely the cuddles and how excited he is when one of us gets home.  The worst part has to be the house training.  Why do they pee so much!!!

We also have to work on his car behaviour.  But how can you not think that is adorable!  

In all honestly we have lucked out so far.  He is sleeping through the night, not really chewing except that he will try to get a hold of your fingers.  He's being great for staying in the yard and has learned to sit!  One trick is better than none so I'm happy with it.

By far his favourite dog to play with has to be this guy.  My parents dog is the laziest, biggest (107 lbs!) and Sully basically climbs on him, rolls off, or just runs around and barks!

xoxo, Meg


Kate said...

I just can't even handle how cute he is. I've been dying for one, and this is just killling me! :P

Katrin said...

He is such a sweetheart! I might be in love with him!

Martha Hokenson said...

I can't handle the cute in that second pic! Gaaaahhh! But yeah, the housetraining SUCKS. That's one of the major things that makes me okay with not being able to have a puppy. So cute, but they pee CONSTANTLY.

Lin said...

Oh man, what a cutie! No lie, I love seeing pictures of him on your IG feed haha. Then again, I'm pretty nuts with taking pics of Gigi too.

I dont know how you guys are surviving the potty training thing. I heard it takes LOTS of patients. I have none. Good thing Gigi came trained or we'd have a very dirty house haha. Gigi has horrible car behavior. She likes to sit/lay in my lap while I drive. And even though I can do it safely (once she keeps put), it makes the hubs super nervous. We bought this net that separates the back seat from the front but all she does is jump over it and sit in my lap haha. It's too cute, I can't get upset with her.

I'm glad you're back!