Sunday, March 9, 2014

work it.

I did something a little crazy and purchased this.  

I know it seems really gimmicky and all that but I really need something to kick myself in the ass and get going.  I'm in a wedding this summer and let's be honest, a bridesmaid wants to look hot!!

myself and my two sisters are going to be doing it and decided we are going to document it on here to keep ourselves accountable!  we're even going to show you that dreaded before picture which will just make us work harder to get a smokin' after pic!

if you're interested in something like this let me know and we can do it together!  I find when I work out with other people it is so much harder to quit.  I purposely used to sync my RunKeeper with twitter because of all the amazing encouragement I would get after each run.  documenting something publicly is super hard to do (and sometimes embarrassing) but it's totally worth it.  I purposely don't watch any of my own YouTube videos because I know I look like a total dink.  but hey, it made me complete my first 5k!

also, if you do purchase this from the beachbody website, put Pam MacDonald as your coach, and check out her facebook.  she's pretty kick ass and super helpful!


Micah said...

I have a few friends who LOVED this workout. You can do it!

If you want to find some encouragement, this link-up is a great source --

Tamara said...

THIS IS NOT GIMMICKY! This will totally work if you stick with it. I promise. I have Insanity and it is a killer. Shaun T is a great motivator and seriously, you're going to get your money worth if you stick it out.
I've really wanted to buy the T25 since it's shorter on time than Insanity (45 min to an hour) but haven't bit the bullet yet. Let me know how you like it!!