Wednesday, March 19, 2014

if you don't like something, don't eat it

that might be one of the most obvious things to say to someone, but when it comes to healthy eating sometimes it can be hard to stick to.  I have tried to follow meal plans before but I usually end up choking down gross food for a day than drowning my failures in a chocolate bar.
don't tell me you haven't been there LIAR!

this week I started a 5 day meal plan with Pam and am so surprised at how well I am following it!  I am all for trying new food, not too crazy new, but new nonetheless.  I went into this meal plan with the attitude that if I didn't like it, I wasn't going to eat it.  for some reason I am so surprised at how well I am sticking to it!  who would have thought eating delicious food you looked forward to having would be this easy...

if you're thinking about following a new meal plan, DO IT!  the people who create 90% of them actually know what they are talking about!  but remember, every meal plan is not set in stone.  if you don't like something, tweak it.  I love fish.  it's delicious.  however I don't like fish without it being covered in tartar sauce.  so when one of her meals called for fish, I compromised and added a tiny bit of tartar sauce.  guess what?  I still feel great from eating awesome food, and Pam hasn't kicked me off planet earth because I didn't follow it exactly.  win-win folks.

another thing.  no one expects you to change your life in one day.  and let's be honest, the food we eat is pretty much our whole lives.  this meal plan calls for cutting out coffee.  let's just say no one within a 5 miles radius of me wants that to happen.  so instead of my four cups a day (each with one milk, two sugar) I'm having 2-3 cups and cutting both the milk and sugar in half.  again, my coworkers don't want to kill me and I don't want to kill them!

so let's all take a collective sigh of relief and realize that just because something has 18 super foods jammed into one disgusting thing, it's okay not to eat it.  there's too other many healthy and delicious options to.

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Martha Hokenson said...

I could NEVER give up coffee or alcohol. Never. I'm pretty sure you'd have to pay me a lot of money to do so, and even then I might pass! :P