Thursday, February 20, 2014

motivation station

anyone out there happen to know where I could find one of those?  a motivation station I mean.  I am seriously lacking in that department.  my entire life my teachers told me I could have awesome grades if I just 'applied' myself.  fuck I used to hate that word.

I'm pretty sure they nailed it on the head though.

no one told me this whole going back to school practically full time (15+ hours/week) while still working a full time job would be this hard!  well maybe they did.. why did I ignore them all! I just find it so hard to actually physically open my book or start one of the videos (my courses are all online) or start a problem.  

I'll get my comfy clothes on, fresh water and perhaps a snack beside me, get settled at my new desk (thanks Luke!) turn on my computer to study and BAM three hours later I'm lost in reddit land or buzzfeed.

this right here, what I'm doing, typing up this meaningless post, this is me not studying...

okay I will stop procrastinating and try to get an hour in before bed.

if you have any tips or tricks to getting back into the study groove please let me know!


Celeste said...

I am in the same situation...working full time and studying 16 hours a week. I guess my motivation is the amount I am spending on my course, and the fact that I don't want to spend my life in my current job!

Tamara said...

Oh, the days of a full time job and being a full time student - I do not miss them! (But I totes feel your pain)

I think one of the things I found to motivate me was to tell myself - okay, once I study for 30 minutes I get a 10 minute break to do whatever I want and then I get 30 minutes more of studying done, then I get 10 minutes more of break! It didn't always work but more often than not I'd at least get something done.

It's how I motivate myself to keep running too.