Monday, August 19, 2013

getting back on track - meaghan me fit

I have been a ridiculous slanker lately.  I've been getting to the gym at least once a week but other then that fitness has been MIA in my life.  I went for my first 5k Friday and it took 35 minutes.  ouch.
my first race was under 29 so that 35 hit hard.  I know it's better than nothing but I need to get my shit in gear.

took some advice from tamzilla and wrote out this schedule to help keep myself accountable and get back in shape for the corporate relay I'm signed up for in October.

basically I want to get running 3 times a week + spin class and hit the gym every other day.

intervals is the workout I wrote about at the bottom of this post.
you can change it to focus on whatever muscle you want to improve.

x 500m is just running hard for 500 m, jogging or walking for 500.  don't forget to warm up and cool down!

here's to hoping I stick to it!

originally posted on you're meaghan me fit.


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Katrin said...

Looks like a pretty busy schedule! Good luck! I really need to start exercising more too! I was too busy and lazy recently!