Thursday, July 18, 2013

random thursday - 5 things on my bucket list

what the heck is random thursday?  only the best link up around brought to you by myself, Lin and Em.
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this week's topic...

too see my full list, go here.
I'm going to make this just my summer bucket list so it's a bit shorter.

no more sunburns.
you would think by now I would learn to put sunscreen on but at least once a year I get burnt.  this year it was the worst one yet.  this right here is 8 days old.  it's been 13 now and it's still pretty pink!

get back into running.

I checked my runkeeper app last week and it's sadly been since June 17th since I've last gotten out.  I've been to a few spin classes since then but that's about it.  really need to get back into it!

follow fat mum slim's photo a day for July & August.

I've been doing pretty good for July!

start running to the beach in the evenings.

I clocked how far away the nearest beach in yesterday and it's 3.1km.  what better way to spend the evenings then going for a run then jumping in the ocean!?


how many times can I honestly say this...

okay tell me 5 things from your bucket list and link up below!


Katrin said...

My last run was July 1 and I feel pretty bad! God, I really need to go again! :)

Lin said...

These are all fantastic! I wish I lived closer to the beach, not that I'm a runner but I'd walk the shit out of that thing haha.