Saturday, July 6, 2013

random rambling

sooo blog everyday in June eh?  kind of a fail?  yup I think so.  I have had zero inspiration lately!  not a fan of blogging everyday when I have to, too much pressure and the posts just turn out shitty.

and I missed random thursday this week!!  first time in FOREVER!  I might write it up tomorrow, not that I have many summer plans but I still want to link up with everyone.

Luke's brother & friends were home all this week so we basically just laid on the beach, drank, visited and hung out the whole week.  really sad to see them go but I actually can't wait to get back into a routine.  I know I will be regretting saying that come Monday morning when I have to get up for work. I need to get back into eating three times a day, hitting up the gym at lunch, and going to bed before the next day starts.

so far I have gained weight since starting this diet bet too with Tamara so I need to get on top of that!  I had full intentions to get out running today (I haven't been out since June 17th!!!) but yesterday I got burnt to a crisp and could hardly move today.  so that was out!  see how I feel tomorrow, I want to win that mulah!!

alright, I need to go complain about my sun burn a bit more and get caught up on pretty little liars.


Martha Hokenson said...

I tried doing a BED in May and while some of the prompts were fun, it left me feeling like blogging was a chore or a job, not a fun hobby--which defeats the point! So I understand your "meh" feeling.

Sounds like you had fun on the beach! A bit jellies here :D

Unknown said...

I did the blog every day thing back in December and I barely made it. Not having any other job other than blogging, and having my son out of school has made me incredibly lazy, I need to do something to motivate me too! Sorry to hear you got fried yesterday, I hope it turns into a nice tan.

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Tamara said...

I haven't felt like posting either. Like I'm social media'ed out, maybe? I didn't even post for Training Tuesday last week. Or at all for that matter. But I did have a blast enjoying my 'real' life, sometimes i think we need that.

I gained weight this weekend too - so don't feel bad! I've started back this week eating better so hopefully I won't lose the dietbet!