Tuesday, June 18, 2013

june blog day 18 - training tuesday!

you're meaghan me crazy
linking up with tamzilla and abbey as per usual!

so currently on day 2 of the 7DSD. not killing it but definitely not failing at it. to see exactly what I'm doing/eating check it here.

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didn't do a damn thing last week after my run but I finally got back out monday. did a short 20 minute walk in the morning then did a 5 k after. I mixed it up and jogged a km then between every telephone pole did jog, walk, jog, sprint. my thighs are definitely feeling it today! 

this morning I did one of tone it up's cardio workouts then nothing the rest of the day. supposed to be doing an ab workout right now but pretty little liars is on so...

what did you do this week?


Tamara said...

I love that you just straight up said pretty little liars is on. Haha.

I totally feel that way sometimes and am like, Nope working out is not as important as this is.

Which is exactly why I slept in this morning and didn't do a damn thing. Twas awesome.

Katrin said...

I need to get back to exercising! I haven't done anything since Sunday!It is time!

Abbey said...

Love your jog walk jog sprint system!!