Sunday, June 9, 2013

June blog day 9 - 25 before 25

you're meaghan me crazy

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I've been meaning to do this post forever and ever! here goes...

25 before 25

run five 5k's races.

I have one done! post on this will be up tuesday :)

lose 20 lbs.

8 lbs down, 12 to go.
(side note: I said I wanted to lose 20 on my 24th birthday but since losing what I have I feel a million times better so I'm going more on how I feel and less on what that number is)

donate blood.

obvious reason.

tell a friend about my blog.

done! people are awesome.

go to a professional sports game.

read a book on a religion.

just because I don't believe in a god doesn't mean I don't want to learn about one!

go to Treego again.

best. time. ever. must. go. back.

write 261 posts from my 24th birthday to my 25th.

write one post a day for two months.

june is one!

be okay with whatever living situation I am in. find the positives.

stay on budget.


plan a trip.

leave the country.

take my parents out for a nice dinner.

they deserve it.

do something on a whim.

I am not spontaneous.

make a photo album.

go 24 hours social media free.

is it sad this seems really hard to do?

have $1000 in my savings.

maybe for that trip mentioned above?

do 25 random acts of kindness.

don't eat out for one week straight.

stop biting my fingernails.

such a disgusting habit.

purge my closet.

do 30 x 30 outfits.

these posts always intrigue me.

plant a successful garden.

I planted one! lets see if it's successful.

run 1000 kilometres.

144 down.

did you write a post today? link up!


Midwayedancer said...

Stop biting my nails is one of my goals too. It is so hard!!

Katrin said...

Great list! Good luck with everything! I need to do such a list too!

Tamara said...

1. YAY times 5! I hope you're able to do a few races that are 'fun' - like a color run.
2. 8 lbs, woot woot! Get it girl!
6. You don't believe in a god? I don't know why I find this so surprising. I wish I had a good book for you to read - but if you find one, let me know. I believe in God, but I find the history of religion crazy interesting.
12. I hear Texas is nice.
21. Go get your nails done, like the fake Solar nails. They look nice ( I get the french look) and then when they're gone (unless you keep them up) after like 2 or 3 weeks, you bite your nails less. I bite mine too and I did this about 2 months ago and while I'm not perfect it really has helped. I actually can paint my nails now without being self-conscious!

Holly said...

These are great ideas for your list!!

[5] You could come visit Cleveland and go to an Indians baseball game with me...just sayin :)

[10] That's a great thing to remember. I need to do that, too.

[11] ME TOO. UGH is right.

[12]&[13] Like I said...Cleveland ain't half bad ;)

[17] It's hard but you can do it!!

[19] DO IT!!!! IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!

[23] I tried that in a different way a few years ago. It's tough!!