Tuesday, June 4, 2013

june blog day 4 - training tuesday

you're meaghan me crazy

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so sad I missed last week but I'm back with a vengeance.
training tuesdays are seriously the best way to get encouragement when you need it. so link up. do itttt.

this is my last tuesday before my first ever run which I am super pumped about. slightly nervous but pumped. although today and last night I had this weird chest pain but I went to emerg and got an EKG and he listened to my heart and all that shit so apparently I'm good!

moving on. what's a good time for a 5 k run? my best has been 29:58 (not 30, 29:58) but I would like to shave a little bit off. especially since it's on a runway so it's gotta be super flat right?

my friend Jess and I are running together which makes it so much better! as soon as I signed up for runkeeper and decided to start running I asked her to sign up for this race with me. I needed someone to hold me accountable and knew she wouldn't let me not do it!
make sure you cheer for us this saturday, the race starts at 9:30 crow piss so we will need some encouragement!


Lady Luck said...

Good luck, i am sure you will do awesome! :)

Katrin said...

Good luck for the race! You will do awesome!

Tamara said...

Of course your heart is good - you're a badass. {But on the serious, AHHH, so glad you're okay!}

Girl, your 5k time is going to be great! I found this link a while back when trying to figure out if I was finally an average runner - http://www.pace-calculator.com/5k-pace-comparison.php.

I can't wait to hear about it!!

Abbey said...

You're gonna do so great! Can't wait to hear about it! I'd say you'll probably beat your previous best just from excitement and adrenaline! And then you'll have an official PR to go after next time!