Monday, June 24, 2013

june blog day 24 - cleaning sucks!!

you're meaghan me crazy

first and most importantly, go here, watch Linny's vlog, and become more obsessed with her then you ever have before.

second of all, cleaning SUCKS.  I am the absolute WORST at it!

I've been living in this house since April 1st.  that's 3 months.  this is the first time I've cleaned my fridge.

so now my question is: how often do you clean your god damn fridge!?

I mean, my mom cleans everything 24/7.  hell, she cleans if a cleaning lady is coming (I'm sorry mom but it's true!!).  me, on the other hand.  I clean when I move.

I think I've justified it by the fact that I have never lived in one place longer than eight months (and that's with a month off in the middle), so I just figured you never really have to do a DEEP clean in just a few months.

fuck was I wrong.

that fridge was disgusting.  and we don't even have food.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I cooked an entire meal at my house.  unless a protein pancake counts.

what's the acceptable time to go between fridge cleanings?  and I'm not talking wiping down a shelf or two.  I'm talking every single thing out, shelves in the bathtub, everything scrubbed/thrown out top to bottom clean!


Miranda Pridgeon said...

You know...I never even thought to clean my fridge yet...whoops! I would also like to know how often ones fridge should be cleaned! I honestly have no idea. I do the basic cleaning and all the rest basically slips my mind!

Femme Ménage said...

Clean the fridge is not funny. But, when it's done... That's so fresh. You want to cook and food looks ever better to me ^^

Jennifer said...

Cleaning the fridge I think works best if you defrost it as well. My mom use to do that at least. I'm guessing she would make sure there wasn't as much food in there, take everything out, unplug it and go to town cleaning it. I try to clean it when the power goes out. LOL

Tamara said...

I seriously clean our fridge every few months (2 or 3) like take everything out and wipe it down. I cook a lot so it gets kind of nasty pretty quick with leftovers being shoved to the back and a husband & child who just throw things down in there.

I hate cleaning it though. I'd almost rather put up laundry & I hate that with an undying passion.

Kaitlin said...

Ughghg I am getting ready to move and starting the cleaning process and totally forgot about the fridge....gross!