Sunday, June 2, 2013

june blog day 2 - jelly of my jams swap reveal

you're meaghan me crazy
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if you read my random thursday post this week then you know I love getting mail. well look what I got today!!

a few weeks ago Tamara and Holly decided host a 'jelly of my jams' blog swap. basically you send the other person your favourite songs to get moving to.

you know when you participate in swap and your partner goes above and beyond for you? Holly totally did this!!
I've been wanting to try some sort of energy booster but couldn't justify spending money yet because I'm only doing short runs so the fact that she sent me some to try is amazing! I wanted to eat them as soon as I opened them but didn't think I needed extra energy to lay on the couch...

I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the song but I listened to the first few on my drive home and LOVED them.

I haven't heard of over half of these which makes me so excited to workout to them. I absolutely love getting new music.

her note said most of them were Christian songs which she says really motivates her to get her through a tough run. I'm not much of a religious person but I'm really excited to try these out, I'll look for motivation anywheres!

a huge huge thanks to Holly for all the amazing goodies, you are such a sweetheart to send extras.

if you've never met Holly I definitely recommend you check out her first half, if you aren't teary at the end of her post then you may not have a heart... or just check out her fitness blog in general!

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Lady Luck said...

that is a pretty awesome swap to sign up for! I did a Hello June swap, to get to know someone and then a Summer swap where we will send our partner A beach towel and some fun things to have poolside or at the beach. I linked up :) Will try my hardest to blog everyday, eeeek. Got a trip to Louisville coming up and moving!

Katrin said...

What a great package!
Always Love by Nada Surf is one of my most favorite songs EVER!

Tamara said...

I haven't heard of a lot of those artists either - yay for new music! So glad you joined and that Holly was amazing enough to send you some GU to try (some people don't like the texture but it doesn't bother me).

If you have a chance to try Peanut Butter - DO IT. It's joy. Pure. Joy.

Holly said...

So glad you love the package!! I hope that water bottle is good for ya, I really love mine. And the honey stingers are really good!!!! And I'm glad you're giving the songs a shot--mostly the Christian ones are on there because they're just motivating for life in general which is pretty great. Yay :) I'll post mine soon!!