Sunday, June 16, 2013

june blog day 16 - ipsy

you're meaghan me crazy

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I got another ipsy bag this month and I had to share it!
how awesome is that cheetah print?

not exactly sure what I will do with this glitter eye shadow though... any suggestions??

it also came with brown lip liner.  is this a thing I just don't know about?  I'm not fashion forward whatsoever but brown lip liner??

loving this cream blush though, it's almost like a bronzer blush so that's sweet considering how pale I am.

have you ever gotten an ipsy bag or birchbox?  I'd love to try a birchbox but I don't think they ship to Canada yet.  maybe someday!

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Katrin said...

I once got an eyeshadow palette like that in a box. I think the glitter is pretty cool and I tried all the colors but it is nothing I really wear every day. :)