Saturday, June 15, 2013

june blog day 15 - 7DSD & DietBet!

you're meaghan me crazy

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any tone it up fans out there?
I've been a member for awhile now and I really enjoy their workouts but I've never seriously stuck to their meal plan before.  I've attempted the 7 day slim down but it was kinda of a fail.  I only stuck to it for a couple of days.  that is until Tamara and I decided to do it together and actually hopefully stick to it!

basically the 7 day slim down is a strict day to day routine you follow when you are either in a plateau, need a kick in the ass, or are starting to change the way you workout/eat/live.  we're starting this monday, june 17th because we wanted to drink this weekend start on a monday.

I added a new page in the tabs along the top so check back there every day to see how we're doing.

have you ever done the 7 day slim down?  I do think the plan is a little too pricey at $150 bucks (CANNOT believe I paid that...) but I did learn a lot from it and do think it was worth it.  just sucked paying off that visa bill...

in other news.  Tamara has started up a DietBet!  you bet $25 dollars that you will lose 4% of your body weight in a month.  it's through the website so there are ways to avoid cheating and apparently a lot of people do it so it must be legit.  go here to sign up with us!


Katrin said...

Good luck, girls! I have never tried anything of this but I can't wait to read more!

Tamara said...

Hopefully is right! Fingers crossed this jumpstarts us into awesomeness!

Lin said...

I'd read about this bet thing on Tamara's blog a while back & I was contemplating joining but now since youre in...well, that just totally pushed me to do it ;)

I'll join next payday on 6/28.