Thursday, June 13, 2013

june blog day 13 - random thursday - give us a tour!

what the heck is random thursday?  only the best link up around brought to you by myself, Lin and Em.
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you're meaghan me crazy

I am one of the nosiest people ever so I am pumped about this week!

and I'm coming at you vlog style this week!  I would like to apologize in advance and how not interesting my house is.  as I say in the beginning, we are renting this of family short term so it's hard to put a lot of time and money into a place you will likely move out of soon.  so ya, enjoy!
ps.  I made wine a few weeks ago, that's why there is 30 bottles sitting on my kitchen table.
I love wine but I usually don't have copious amounts just chilling there.


Lin said...

Your walls are as bare a mine are. I've been to the damn store like a zillion times but I have no clue what I want to put up so end up leaving with nada. Lame.

Dude, I totally skipped passed your written intro so when I saw ALL that wine I was like, damn Meg has a serious drinking problem! No wonder Luke's outside practicing his gulf swing." haha

Katrin said...

Aww, Smudge is sooo cute! :) I love your vlogs! They are always awesome and your house looks very comfy! So you have one room for yourself and one for yourself and Luke? That is fair I would say! :)
I also love the Canadian way to say "house" and "about" by the way!
Thanks for the great tour!

Tamara said...

Woohoo 7 Day Slim-Down!! What what!

Also, you make wine? You are officially the classiest bitch I know now.

Your house is adorables, I love that the fridge is in another room. One day when you get your dream house you're going to be reminiscing and like "DUDE I USED TO LIVE IN A HOUSE WHERE THE FRIDGE LIVED ELSEWHERE" and you'll have great fond memories. That's how I feel about our old home, except we had a secret staircase, twas awesome.