Monday, June 10, 2013

June blog day 10 - beat the heat blog swap!!

you're meaghan me crazy

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I am so so excited to announce this today! Linny and I were talking about something fun to do and we came up with this awesome swap for you all!

 photo BeatTheHeatSwapbutton354x.jpg

DO NOT STRESS about what to get your partner. this is meant to be fun!

please please do not sign up if you aren't going to send a package. that happened to be and I just think it is such a rude thing to do. I spent good time and money on what I sent some chick and she just ignored me and I never got anything. shitty person.


so excited to start shopping!


Tamara said...

You don't sound bitter at all about your other package swap, lol.

That's happened to me before and it does suck though so I feel your pain!

Martha Hokenson said...

Okay, I finally caved and signed up! Your swaps with Lin always look like so damn much fun and I missed the last one because I was flat broke. I have birthday money now so f* yeah I'm in!!