Monday, May 20, 2013


so guess what I did everybody!  I drank too much wine, thought I was on my personal twitter and started adding a bunch of people I know in real life with my blog twitter.  whoops!

anyways I was having a complete panic attack but have since decided to not give an eff anymore.
I got the sweetest email from one of my besties who said she loved my blog and was super pumped about my mistake!  long story short, welcome to my blog Mal and any other real life people who have found it.


Holly said...

Hahaha, I don't know why but this made me laugh :) A lot of my real life friends and family don't know about my blogs, but I've been posting them so much on twitter that a lot of people have found them and it's been encouraging me to keep up more when I get the chance!!

Tamara said...

I swear I was just on your blog an hour ago and it did not look like this.

I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! Super adorables!

It's not so bad having people you know in real life read your blog - although, it does suck that you have to hold back a little bit more since people tend to be smart and piece two & two together.

What doesn't suck though is when someone makes a comment in real life to you about something you posted and you're like "You read this crap? Whattt?" It's kind of neat. Occasionally creepy, but mostly neat.