Tuesday, May 7, 2013

training tuesday

woo for another training tuesday!

no vlog this week but I had a pretty good week!

TRX, my new found love.

I did a 13x1 sprint for 26 minutes. freaking loved it! ended up going 5.8 kms.

spin class.  yup, my cooter still hurts.

coworker and I went out at lunch time to a trail right by work and did a sort of bootcamp workout.
we'd do trade offs on different exercises for 45 seconds each.  if you have any ideas for outdoor workouts let me know!  it turned out to be so much fun!

not much of anything.  just the ab challenge.

the best day!  went on a 5k walk followed by an hour at the park with my sister and niece and then did a 10k bike ride with my dad!

4k run in the BEAUTFUL outdoors!!  sooo nice out this weekend/monday I couldn't get enough!

so that's about it for my training tuesday but I do have a question, what's your opinions on a heart rate monitor?  I've been thinking about getting one but they are kind of an investment so I would love what you think.  do you have one?  love it, hate it?  ever use it?

happy tuesday!


Abbey said...

Looks like a really fun week! Other than your injured cooter hahaha. But I love it when my workouts are actually really fun!

jaime said...

Fun week of training - minus spin! I don't have a heartrate monitor. I know several people who have them and like them, but I feel like I already work out with SO many gadgets. I don't need one. more. thing.

Tamara said...

I have a heart rate monitor and I've used it a couple times, but only before I really got serious with running/exercise. I thought it was really interesting to have (it came with my Garmin watch) to see what my HR was and how hard I was working but unless you're really planning on gauging workouts based on your HR, I think you'd be fine without it.

Hopefully if we have another baby I'll continue to exercise and at that point I'll start using the HR monitor to help remind me when I'm pushing too hard.