Thursday, May 23, 2013

random thursday - spring cleaning: organization tips...

what the heck is random thursday?  only the best link up around brought to you by myself, Lin and Em.

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you're meaghan me crazy

this weeks topic..

can I just say how much I love this topic?  now I royally SUCK at organizing.  I like the thought of it and I wish I rocked at it but I don't.  however I do love reading about how organized other people are so I cannot wait to read all your posts!

I'm stealing Pinterest ideas.

I only wish my drawers looked like this. I swear I buy enough plastic dishes from the dollar store but it usually only lasts a week or so.


next up is this amazingness. the measurements inside the door are such a good idea and not that I ever get mail but I really really want a shutter for my letters?


lastly I'm going to have to go with my dream pantry. I need to stop putting my baking flours and sugars in Tupperware and invest in some super cute glass dishes!


that's it for this week, I cannot wait to read your tips, I hope the are better then mine!


Katrin said...

I got some huge glass jars for oatmeal, muesli and that stuff. It really works fine.
I am no organization expert either.

Lin said...

I dont ever get shit in the mail besides bills but I still want shutters to insert them in. Too cool.