Thursday, May 16, 2013

random thursday - dream home

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this week I want you to tell me all about your...

so I was browsing through pinterest as per usual and found a bunch of things I pinned forever ago and since I still love them

this is hands down my dream bath.  I could live in the bath.  it is not unusual for me to crawl into one for 3+ hours.  no joke.

and can we just take a minute and think about how awesome this would be in your basement...

these two remind me of a rustic feel or like antique-y or something.  I dunno but I love em!


I tried to find my dream kitchen but I couldn't.  it would be big and open and functioning.  I plan on baking a million times over with any offspring I may produce.  with a huge fridge I can cover with all the shit they'll take home from daycare!

okay I just went on a pinning spree and can't post them all!  check out the rest here and then tell me what you would put in your dream home and link up below!


Katrin said...

I love that huge couch or lounge area! Looks so comfortable!

Lady Luck said...

I am in love with that awesome tub. I am a big bubble bath taker hehe :)

Martha Hokenson said...

That display table would be perfect for saving my treasures from my cats!


I want those chairs - and a huge movie screen to go with them!!