Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Thursday - 5 Fun Facts About Me

I'm so late for Random Thursday but better late then never amiright!?

Link up with us, we're awesome.

This weeks topic is...

I started running March 31st this year because I hated the way I looked/felt on my birthday and decided it wasn't doing anything good to complain about it whilst devouring 18 chocolate bars.
I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I couldn't imagine never running/working out again.

I love getting mail. I think the reason I sign up for so many swaps is so that I can get something pretty at my door.

I have a tramp stamp. Spur of the moment idea, walked in, pointed at a stupid flower and said "that one please."
You would think I regret it but I don't like to regret things. Not even after my dad called it a hooker sticker.

My sister is trying to train me to be more touchy feely. I wish I was kidding but she legit touches me every chance she gets.

I blogged everyday in December (until Christmas) and now I want to do it everyday in June! Who's with me? I was thinking of making a link up and if you post in June (anything at all!) you can link up and it will be great way to see a bunch of random posts.

Your turn!


Lady Luck said...

I want to TRY and blog everyday in JUNE! I am in

I love getting mail, know of any Swaps let me know :)

Katrin said...

I love getting mail too! It is so excited and feels like Christmas!
#5 sounds interesting. I am pretty sure I could not join every day though...

Martha Hokenson said...

I might be in for a June linkup. I ALMOST made it all the way through two May daily linkups, so I'm ready for another round. On the other hand, I have a bunch of vacation days this month, so I might not be terribly productive. :D

Unknown said...

I'm not a big fan of being touched, either, but I live in Hawaii where it's rude NOT to hug and kiss people every single time you greet them. Apparently, people here don't believe in high 5s.

Tamara said...

I have a tramp stamp too! I don't regret it either. :)

Mine looks like a big ass butterfly but it's actually 4 frogs...I'll have to take a picture and show you. It's hard to explain, but it's totally badass.

I don't know if I have the power to blog every day in June...Yeah, I don't. BUT I may join you guys on some of the prompts!

Lin said...

Normally I grab one thing & comment on it but I just HAVE to comment on everything you put down.

1. You fucking rock! I need your type of motivation; please send some this way.

2. Me too! I havent joined a swap in over a month cause I had to tighten my budget belt but I'm dying to join one again. Hm...maybe we should host one together? Whaaat?!

3. Bahaha! I dont know why, but I never imagined you'd have a tattoo.

4. I actually believe this is a thing that could work. Your sister has the right idea, get yourself used to being touched/showing more physical emotions & you'll actually start to do it. Thinking maybe I should try this with my brother cause dude is straight up cold sometimes.

5. I want to say I'd do it but I suck & would probably forget so if you go through with it I'll totally randomly jump in every now & then :)

M. said...

Yeah.... I need to start working out. *reaches for chocolate bar*

I love getting mail too. Fortunately lots of things are cheaper online, so I do get some mail!

Holly said...

I feel the same way about running!!! I can't imagine NOT doing it, even when I go for so long without running. It's just built into me now :)