Friday, May 3, 2013

jelly of my jams - swap details

so you know I have a massive girl crush on Tamara right?  the other day she was looking for some good workout tunes and the awesome Holly suggested a swap of your favourite jams.  um, can we just say that this is the best idea ever??

Jelly of my Jams CD Swap

basically you gather your favourite jams that you workout to, get pumped up with, or maybe even throw a dance party to.  honestly I didn't make up the rules so check them out and sign up!  my music BLOWS so I cannot even tell you how excited I am for this.  I promise I will work super hard on my songs though and not give you shit ones.

let me know if you sign up, maybe we will be partners!

I am not a host of this swap and am no way affiliated with it or either blogs hosting it.  
I do however have a really obnoxious girl crush on Tamara.


sunshine said...

My favorite album to exercise to is "Galvanized" by Chemical Brothers, it's fun powerful and keep me pump up!

Taylor said...

Now following your blog! :)

Sara Strand said...

I signed up for this AND I have mine done. Because I am that awesome.

Tamara said...

Let's be lesbian blog love-ahs. I'm game.

Also, thanks for the shout-out! I'm pumped to get some rad new music!