Tuesday, April 30, 2013

training tuesday!

can I just say that training tuesday is seriously one of my favourite times of the week?  I love that I can tell you about a tiny milestone and have so many amazing people hypothetically pat me on my back.  I love that I can just keep you guys in my pocket and take you whenever I need inspiration!


 as per usual I went all vloggy on you guys because I was busy and didn't have time to type up a post! 
also.  just noticing how awesome my grammar is in these vlogs... whoops!

 I mentioned the tone it up girls and their ab routine I've been loving. definitely worth it to have a look see! 
if you want to take any of their workouts with you on your phone, download the adobe reader app. I know it comes on the iphone so I assume it's on android too. you can go to the printable workout on your phone and select 'open in adobe' or download and save the file to your computer and transfer it to your phone. let me know if you need help!

can wait to check in with everyone's training tuesday posts, make sure to link up here or here!


Abbey said...

Aaah I can't see your video! It says it's private.

Stephanie said...

I've been doing the Tone It Up workouts too!

Abbey said...

1 -- the room like, warps in the background and it's trippy and awesome.

2 -- every time you say TRX it sounds like T-rex and that's also awesome.

3 -- You're doing so great! You do sooo many kinds of exercises haha. I am stuck in the running game, but when my half is over I guess I'll have more freedom to do other things. Not that anything's stopping me from doing other things, and I'm really actually supposed to do crosstraining but, HELLO I'm running four times a week and that's all I want to work out.

4 -- your vlogs make me want to be your real life bff

5 -- those dogs are adorable.

Tamara said...

YAY for gym time and T-Rex time (haha Abbey!)

Spin?! I love spin, except it always takes my butt/cooter a few classes to get used to the seat. It gets really sore.

It is really nerve-racking when it comes to doing osmething all by yourself for the first time. I'm glad that the lady helped you find the gym that was right in front of you. Gyms are sneaky bitches.

You're really reminding me of Robin from How I Met Your Mother for some reason and I love it.

Treadmill isn't bad when you have something to watch and pass the time.

I like to pronounce quesadillas like this - Case-a-deal-uhs. It's fun.

That ab routine looks like some serious bidness.

I still wnat to steal you and keep you in my pocket. You are adorables.