Monday, April 22, 2013

training tuesday

time for another training tuesday (technically it's still monday...)!  sorry if I do wayyy too many link ups but I love the topics sooo ya.


not going to lie had a pretty shitty last couple of days training wise.  I am staying at my sisters while she is away (which means I'm 30 seconds from work. ah-mazing) BUT it also means that I am within 4 minutes of a million fast food chains.  bad meg.

according to my run keeper app (which I can't recommend enough if you are a newbie to running) I ran/walked 12.14 kilometres (about 7.5 miles) since last tuesday.  not my best.  the week before it was almost 20 but still!  12 is better than none right?

not sure what happened but I just lost my ambition!  I went thursday with a friend which was nice, good to have someone pushing you but I guess I thought I would do better then I did.  I skipped saturday and didn't get out again until today.  

BUT I am finally going to go to the gym tomorrow!  I'm pretty sure I have been saying that for years now.  considering I have had my membership since february I have definitely been saying it for months.  a few girls at work are going to a TRX class tomorrow and they have been telling me to come with them so I am finally getting my ass in gear and just going!  
ps.  I had no clue what a TRX class was so I googled it.  there is a good chance I will not return from class.  
that shit looks rough.

on another note!  I am signing up for tone it up's bikini series.  basically it's 8 weeks of working your ass off to get bikini ready for the summer.  not saying I will be their most dedicated member but hey, I can't pass up free personal trainers.  let me know if you sign up and we can kick each others ass to get moving!


Kate said...

I wish I had a gym close to me! The only one I have is tiny, and all of the little high schoolers go to it. And I see them way too frequently during the day. Ha!

The TRX stuff has always intrigued me. It looks SO hard. Good luck!

Abbey said...

Checking out the bikini series now...

as for TRX, Amy, who linked up at Taking Steps Home, did a post about TRX a few weeks ago! She definitely survived, so hopefully you'll be ok too. I think you're brave. Haha.

And it's ok to have an off week. You're doing great overall.

Tamara said...

It's okay if you lost a little motivation. It happens to all of us. I know for me, writing it down and talking about it on the blog helps me on days that it just ain't happening. Also, twitter. Seriously, post about NOT wanting to workout and you're going to have like 5 people jump on you and stop being lazy. It's amazing & annoying (in a great way) at the same time. Haha.

Good luck on the TRX class. That looks intense (I googled it too!)

Stephanie said...

I've signed up for the bikini series! We'll see how long I last at this :P

jaime said...

How did the TRX class go? :) I'm running a half marathon this weekend (more like a fun run, really, since I'll be taking a good amount of photos.) When I return, I'm kicking it into a higher gear for another half. I'm considering this my own toning program for summer prep!

Lady Luck said...

I signed up for the Color me Rad 5K in Indy in septemer.. I need to get me some awesome new running shoes and start training. I am outta shape and trying to lose weight. This race is a fun face no pressure so I am excited for it but it will give me my motivation to exercise! Y
Hey even if you dont get to the gym..atleast you are running! Keep it up!
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