Thursday, April 25, 2013

random thursday - items I splurge on

what the heck is random thursday?  only the best link up around brought to you by myself, Lin and Em.
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this week we are talking about...

I've been loving the convenience of blogging so lo and behold I've got another one for you!
enjoy :)


Martha Hokenson said...

No visible underwear, so at least that was a success!! I love your vlogs, they're so funny. I'm going to film my nail polish collection this week and it is HUGE!!! I definitely splurge on polish.

Lin said...

I'm the same way when it comes to clothes. If it's cheap then I'll buy it, if its a shirt & it's more than $10 I'm like "nah, I'll pass". What can I say, I'm uber cheap.

So, dude you've got a ton of nail polish. Totally puts my measly 15 bottles to shame. Although you probably use yours a lot more than I do. Dont think I've touched a bottle since last summer :/

Oh yeah, and you just about gave me a heart attack for paying $18 a bottle. Ugh, I'm still recovering from that shit.

Tamara said...

1. Your wavy hair looks awesome!
2. HOLY NAIL POLISH BATMAN! I'm way jealous of your collection. Although, I am buying it more because the kid loves me to paint her nails.
3. $18. WHOA. Vlog tutorial on how they work??
4. I'm so not a purse person, but I can feel myself slowing going over to the darkside the older I get.
5. The chain is like you're the Ghost from Christmas Past. OOHHHWHHHWOOOOO. <---scary noise.
6. I buy way too much craft stuff too...and then I never use it and the husband is annoying about it.
7. "I buy things before I really have money". LOVE YOU.
8. OMG, I have a shit ton of belts and I NEVER wear them. We are officially twinkies.
9. Smudge I want to love on you so much!! He was just totally trying to give me kisses. I know it.

Katrin said...

Oh wow, where did you get that brown purse with the bow and the chain? I looooove it! :)
And thanks for showing Smudge! He is awesome!
I have many many scarves too. I just can't say no to them!

sunshine said...

You are a natural for vlogs, love every single one you post! Also did I mentioned you cat is super cute? Well, he is!

We are definitely on the same page for nail polish and love of handbags but I just don't buy many of those!


I'm totally the same way about spending money over and over to replace cheap stuff I bought because I didn't want to spend a bunch of money. I realized awhile ago that I shouldn't do that.... but I still do! Also we want as much of Smudge in your vlogs as possible. Pure awesome.

Stephanie said...

Oh nail gets me every almost every time I go shopping.

Smudge is so stinkin' cute! Love how he was being naughty and trying to jump on the camera :)