Thursday, April 11, 2013

[random thursday] I'm addicted to

UPDATE: I got rid of the creepy music!

link up with linem and I for..


this weeks topic is...

and yours truly is coming at you vlog style! 



Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Totally have played Cards Against Humanity and it was so much fun!!! I've never played Apples to Apples but I have heard it's like that but only the adult version.

Smudge cracked me up with his grooming in the background. And so did the music that played for the first half of the video.

Lin said...

First of all, I want to put you in my pocket & carry you around all day. You're so damn cute, sick voice and all.

As always, your vlog was beyond entertaining with its porn music, cool hair products (which I'm totally buying), your farting (oops, I mean "foot") and your cat being pervy in the background haha.

Hope you feel better soon. And, what the fuck is up with your giant car starter? Mine's like a combo of button pushing on my key. Strange.

Katrin said...

I don't know if it is just me and if I am doing something wrong but I can hear music for 5 minutes or something like that and it is really hard to understand you!
Your cat is so awesome! I love Smudge! And I don't have a problem with looking at your cat while he licks his butt. :)
And your coffee mug is so cute!

-Haylie :) said...

OMG, I'm addicted to The Following too and so have a crush on Joe.. it's weird. I also freaking love TVD and PLL and am very sad that they're off right now, I like to watch TV in the spring/summer too, haha.

I want your purse and coffee mug, they're ADORBS. :)

jami lynn said...

When you called Smudge and he just looked at you like 'yeah right', I died! You're so funny, and such a natural at the vlogging!