Thursday, April 18, 2013

[random thursday] holy grail cosmetics

it's that time of the week again! you know the drill, sign up for the weekly newsletter, get a kick ass topic and link up with us for random thursday!

this week we are going to tell you all about our

since I'm a lazy ass I decided to do a vlog for you all! if you'd like to see me be a rambly mess, drop my phone, and adore smudge, press play!

if you don't want to press play, read on.

1. foundation.
2. bronzer.
3. eye liner.
4. mascara.
5. self tanner.


Lin said...

Please dont ever stop making these vlogs, they're so entertaining. And your cat is super cute. That's saying a lot too cause I dont like cats much.

Thanks a ton for the mascara recommendation cause Ive been looking for a new one that'll make my dozen eyelashes look like they have a ton of volume. Sorry I dont have anything for you but I dont wear foundation. However, you'll be happy to know Im a total rebel like you are & dont use a concealer brush to apply it, I use a foundation brush. Whaaat? Crazy, I know!

sunshine said...

Thanks for all the recommendations, most of those products I cannot get where I live, but it always helps to know what works what doesn't!

Love your cat, he is so cute, glad he was just chillin' outside and not in trouble!

Katrin said...

Aww, I am so in love with Smudge! I guess it would have totally freaked me out to see my indoor cats outside!
And E.L.F. products are so awesome ! Love them! I guess I should use some self tanner too, I am always sooo terribly pale!


I can't watch videos at work, so I'll watch it tonight - but just had to say I love that your cat is in the background. Mine would totally do the same thing. ;)

Unknown said...

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Martha Hokenson said...

Smudge is da bomb!! And your vlog was hilarious!!

I can't live without mascara, that definitely my #1 item! And I agree with you about the high prices on some items. I'll buy them when they're on sale, which is how I've gotten my goodies from Urban Decay, Butter London, etc. But seeing as how I do like to eat, I normally look for cheaper alternatives!!

Tamara said...

1.Smudge is adorables.
2. White makeup bag is a bad decision but yes, totes cute.
3. I've used that foundation before and like it a lot too. I've used Loreal foundation in the little glass bottle and it's great. I never buy Clinique because of the price, but love their stuff.
4. Bronzer = YES. The bronzer I have is super shimmery so I have to be careful.
5. SMUDGE JERK is adorables.
6. YES ON YOUR MASCARA. That was definitely my favorite until I found my Loreal Double Extend.
7. I'm a bad person and lay in tanning beds for at least two weeks out of the year. I tan easily so that usually gives me color until I get into the throes of winter.
8. I totally use the word "cray-cray" too!
9. Is it normal to try and pet Smudge through the computer because that shiz totally just happened.

Angela King said...

I'm so afraid of self tanner. Not sure why. Thanks for linking up with the Coffee Talk Blog Hop!