Thursday, April 4, 2013

[random thursday] a day in the life

I am a terrible co host!!!  I didn't comment on anyones random thursday post last week...
I was moving and hating life and drinking copious amounts of wine.  that's my excuse.  BUT I will get to them asap I promise and you guys all rock for linking up!!

okay now!  as per usual, lin, em and I would love for you to link up with us.

I am so freaking excited for this weeks topic! mostly because I'm a huge nose bag and want to know what all you guys do on a daily basis. 

my life in the run of a day tends to be pretty routine.  I work a monday-friday, 8:30-4:30 job so I do the same thing every weekday.

I've been using the sleep cycle app recently so I wake up with some sappy song like leaves blowing or waves or some shit.  

shower then I make myself look socially acceptable.  I was going to show you my before picture but I didn't want to scare you away.

not exactly sure what my hand is doing here

then I go to work which I can't really take a picture of.  people would think I was whack.

after a great day at work I spend a very long hour driving home!  exciting I know.

lately, I've been going for walk/runs in the evenings which feels amazing!  I'm going to be running 5ks in no time!

catch a visit with my sister and niece or parents and then I'm on the couch for the evening, hopefully get a blog in or two!

anyone still reading this?  my day is crazy exciting so I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat the whole time reading that eh?

let me know what you do in the run of the day!


Katrin said...

My day is pretty much the same except of the fact that I never go running which is a shame. I should really do that. Sometimes I go for a walk though. :)

Martha Hokenson said...

Woohoo to you for running every day!! I really have trouble with exercising every day but running a 5K is on my bucket list, so I suppose I'd better learn, hehe.

Meaghan Alvarado said...

People at my work would think I was totally whack if I took pictures here too. lol
My day is about the same as yours, minus the hour drive. Boo to that!


Sounds a lot like my day.... except instead of driving for an hour i'm on transit, and instead of running.... I'm still on transit. Trying to walk more on lunch breaks though! Good luck with the 5 k....

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I'm always curious how people go about their days too...

Glad to see I'm not the only one that leads a pretty boring day-to-day life :)