Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[link up] training tuesday

if you follow me on twitter then you know that I recently started doing a running program. now I'm no expert but hell, that's what training tuesday is all about right! no expert status needed. if you are someone who has decided to get up and do something to make your life healthier then this link up is where it's at yo!

the masterminds behind this link up, tamara and abby.

I chose to go with an app to help me out and keep track. after looking around for a bit I went with runkeeper and love it!  they have a bunch of different programs for you to follow so you just pick one, pick a start day and bada boom bada bing you're in!

I chose to train for a 5k walk and started last sunday on march 31st.  you go every second day so it's totally do able.  I missed saturday due to snow (YES, snow!  goddammit mother nature it's april!) and because my sinuses decided to be ass holes.  I just went sunday and monday to make up for it.

and I don't think run/walking while you have a cold make it's any worse.  not that my cold is better after my workout but it's definitely not worse.

as for workouts... I picked up my gym membership!  that counts for something right?  I made it to the front desk at the gym but have yet to actually go in.  maybe today is that day!  I am going to look for an arms work out once I'm done writing this and hopefully I will get there at lunch.

that's it!  that's the extent of my training.  not a lot but it's a shit load more then last month!


Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I too have the RunKeeper app on my phone. I'm following the C25K program though so I'm not using a RunKeeper training program but I did look at them!

Hope you get past the front desk soon! I need to get back into the gym myself. Let's do it!

Abbey said...

Going to a new gym (or even a new room in a gym you've gone to) can be so intimidating! I will celebrate with you when you make it past the desk :)

Also, so cool that you've started running! I have heard that as far as running while sick goes, if it's above the shoulders (congestion, sore throat, etc.) you're safe to run, but if it's below the shoulders (sick stomach, cough, chest congestion) you should rest.

Tamara said...

Yay for running! Have you made it to the gym yet? Pinterest is amazing at finding workouts to do. I know, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to any kind of weight training so I'll go on there and print something off to have with me at the gym.

Oh, and if you're planning on doing weights - go heavy :) Like you think 5 lbs is hurting, go 7. Faster definition, I swear.

Holly said...

Ok so I already asked about Couch to 5K in another comment, but now my question is answered haha. I LOVE runkeeper!! Their website is so awesome with tons of great training plans, so I'm glad that you found one!! I hope you have made it to the gym a few more times :) You can do it!!!