Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what's up wednesday

if you follow me on instagram you may have seen that this is how my first day of spring went...

my work is approximately 50 feet away and you can't see it.  yup, I can feel your jealousy.

also,  giveaway is going strong!! don't forget to enter!  you have until sunday yo.

just started watching the following.  watched two episodes and am completely addicted.  totally one of those shows I could spend a day and watch the entire season.

guys.  I'm four followers away from 200.  four!! are you freaking kidding me!  I remember when I had six and nearly shit my pants with excitement.

I can finally see again!  I get my eyes checked every two years but because I do an unreal amount of driving I've gone from far sighted to near sighted and my prescription completely changed.  picked up my glasses and sunglasses today and am blown away my all the road signs I can finally read.

shameless selfie.

happy wednesday!


Sara Strand said...

I just got glasses last month and seriously, I didn't realize how many signs there were in my town. My husband looked horrified by this. But I drive to Minneapolis for the first time since getting glasses and I might actually see state troopers in speed traps now and that is glorious.

Unknown said...

Um I have 30 and feel awesome & stupid at the same time haha.
And YUH, The Following is UH-MAZINGGG! And I'm a little {okay a lot} obsessed with Joe Carroll, yuuummyy.

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Haha, I am going to get my eyes checked soon. I have a feeling I need glasses & I've just been too stubborn to admit it.

Yay for new followers & the awesome giveaway! :)

Lin said...

Get used to those reader numbers going up girl, you're just too awesome not to read ;)

Congrats on no longer being blind. I know all too well what it's like to not be able to see the ginormous street signs while you drive. Im near sighted too so if I dont have my glasses on the entire world is just one big ball of blurry mush.

Tamara said...

Nothing wrong with a shameless selfie! You know, as long, as there's not 30 of them every day, then there's a serious problem.

I can't believe how many have signed up for the giveaway - it's ridonkulous!

Katrin said...

Hope the weather will get better soon! Poor girl!
And I love your new glasses!