Friday, March 1, 2013

[sponsored] glassesUSA!

if you guys know me than you know my eye sight sucks!  and it's getting worse.  wahmulance I know. BUT I do have an eye appointment made for next week to get my prescription refilled for some new prescription eyeglasses!

when I was contacted by Elea (ya I know AWESOME name!) from I was so pumped!  I literally made the appointment the day before she contacted me.

how hot do I look in these bad boys.
basically GlassesUSA is a super easy to use site that lets you go browse a bunch of different types of glasses.  once you pick them you can just buy glasses right off the site.  I'm digging the ones with thick frames at the moment.  

AND you can use this thing called the virtual mirror and you just snap a pic, choose the eyeglasses you want and voila, they put them on your face!

so many options! and these are just the women's ones.
not only are the options seemingly endless, but the prices rock.  the last pair of glasses I bought were around $300 (I was a crazy lady when I bought them) and theirs are like 60% cheaper!

so what the heck are you waiting for!  go pick out some glasses and use Blog10 and get 10% off any purchase!

and don't forget to try out the virtual mirror and see what looks best on you. 

do you guys where glasses?  have you ever bought them online before?

this is a sponsored post, opinions are completely mine!

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Katrin said...

My eye sight sucks too! I usually wear contacts during the day and glasses in the evening (when I am at home) and I think it is time for new glasses. Need to get my eyes checked. I might order them online..I will check out this site!