Thursday, March 14, 2013

[random thursday] pet peeves

it's that time again woot woot!
link up with em, lin and I for this weeks random thursday!

this week's amazing topic is...

alright.  I'm just going to start listing and see how far we get!

smacking.  just can't deal.

chipped nail polish.  literally minutes after I paint my nails they are chipped.

being super comfy and having to pee.  nothing worse!

moving.  more info here.

shows that are on past 9 pm.  what the heck is with big brother canada being on 11pm until midnight! ain't nobody got time for that!

internet service providers.  it can never just take one phone call to get what you need done.  every customer service rep has a different story.

cell service.  I have bluetooth in my car and an hour drive to work each way, perfect time to get said internet switched.  nope.  this island likes to have the most unreliable service ever.

fat cat who sit on your keyboard when you're trying to write this most.  who am I kidding.  love this fatty.  this most can wait.

hockey.  love that lukas loves it so much but come this time of the year I can't wait for it to be over so I can have him back!

daylight savings.  hating driving to work in the dark again.  however, loving the long evenings.

okay.  I need to stop at 10, this is getting ridiculous!

tell me your pet peeves, link up below!


Anonymous said...

OMG daylight savings has screwed up my entire house!! GAH!!!

Katie said...

You should try the shellac gel polish - it lasts for over two weeks and doesn't chip at all. Pricey, but worth it!

Nikki Brown said...

I can't stand the smacking or the chipped nail polish!

Katrin said...

Oh yeah, it is so bad when you lay on the couch with a comfy blanket and then realize that you have to pee! So bad!


The last one. I'm still suffering. In fact, I may take a nap on my lunch break. I wish I was kidding!

Lin said...

Chipped nails is the damn worst. Ive been looking for a top coat that'll stop the chipping but have yet to find it :( The other night I spent like an hour doing my nails all pretty and by the morning (after my shower) 4 of them were completely trailer-park trash chipped. I was pissed.

The time changed has been a major suckfest. It usually takes me about a week or two to get back to normal. Driving to work in the dark isnt a big thing for me since I leave the house at 445 am :/ Yeah... pity me.

Unknown said...

Totally agree about the chipped nail polish. Drives me bat shit nuts. I don't know how girls can cruise around for weeks with just a splotch of nail polish left on each finger. Ghetto fabulous! Hehe.

Martha Hokenson said...

Is it just a rule that internet customer service has to massively suck? Seems to be that way everywhere!

I can't stand chipped nail polish, I think it's the tackiest thing ever. As soon as I get a tiny chip it all has to come off!!