Thursday, March 21, 2013

[random thursday] my hidden talents

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this week I'm about to tell you about...

I'm totally going to pull strings for this one.  I am mostly talentless.  let's see where this takes us shall we!

if you follow this blog then you know I do both of these things but a lot of people don't know it.  actually when I tell people that they think it's crazy that a 23 (almost 24!) loves chilling in front of the tv and knitting.
it amazes me that I can make something kick ass out of a ball of string.

likely have zero talent left in this area but when I was younger I had tons.  freaking loved that sport growing up.  it was my escape from everything I wanted to get away from.  that is until it wasn't anymore.

now I don't have any talents in the creativity department but you show me something and I can make it.    if someone gave me a million bucks to spend at michael's I would be in heaven forever.

took a clothing class in high school and absolutely fell in love.  made the flower girl dresses for my sisters wedding which was pretty exciting.

they looked better in real life I swear :)

what are your hidden talents??


Katrin said...

I think it is so cool that you can sew. I would love to learn it too but I doubt that I have any talent.

Lin said...

I already knew about the crocheting thing (which I have to agree is pretty damn fun to do) but I had no clue you could sew. Look at you, little miss talent.

M. said...

Well, you're not on your own - I knit and Lin crochets. We're totally gonna rock that old folks' home!

I've never been sporty. I blame my parents for never enrolling me in any! Also those dresses are super cute. I used to sew as well, but I doubt I still could!

Martha Hokenson said...

I could go bonkers in Michaels! They have too much cool stuff there just waiting to be made into something even cooler.