Monday, March 11, 2013

[random ramblings]

hello hello

it's been a while since I've just rambled!

what's up lately? how's everyone been?

I've been good, luke's back to his awesome self after the passing of his pup. yes, he was 14 but we still considered him a pup. he's still sad when he thinks of him but I think that shows what amazing character he has.

smudge knew he was down in the dumps and stayed pretty close to him all weekend.

I swear animals know when you are upset.

we are planning on moving at the end of this month! we are house/dog sitting for my parents tomorrow until the next saturday so we are planning on cleaning the house we are moving too, then when the parents get back, move everything into the new place. that will give us the last week/end of march to clean up the house we are leaving and have it it pristine condition for the landlord to move back in!

exciting news I tell ya. I hate moving. well, I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I love starting fresh in a new house and redecorating and organizing again.

I hate having to start fresh every 5 months and having to redecorate and organize everything again.

aka. I'm a hypocrite.

I never really feel like I've been settled in a spot since I graduated high school. what's the point of completely settling in a spot and making it your own when you are moving in a couple months.

I graduated in 2007, moved into res for 4 months, moved home for almost 2 (school went on strike) moved back, moved home for summer etc etc!

and it's been like that ever since! the longest I have been somewhere would have been like 7 months and I came home every christmas for at least 3 weeks if not a month.

we are moving into luke's grammies house so thankfully we will save some money!

so grateful for the parents in our lives that have offered cheap living the last year. so appreciative for them.

I finally got everything together for my birthday giveaway! there's still time to join!

the contributors have been amazing and are probably hoping I'll eff off with the emails soon but we have over $150 worth of prizes to give away! we are splitting it into a first and second place so that two people have the chance to win.

last but not least I thought I would leave you with an ever so beautiful picture of me in disney land.

told you. not an attractive kid.

happy monday!


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about moving, change is nice but it's annoying to have to pack everything up. I've moved every summer for the past 5 years and this one is no exception!


Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

I would love to join your giveaway..... I've got something to share! Email me at busyasahb at gmail dot com. Would love to help out and plus I'm a march baby too and what better way to celebrate! Love the idea!


Lin said...

Moving = pain in the ass

Much like you, I'm dreading moving all the furniture and boxes but am really looking forward to having a new place to decorate. Hello pinterest!

Glad Luke's back to his awesome self. Also, you were a pretty cute kid...I mean, look at those adorable string bean legs ;)

Fav sister said...

Love the pic! You look so cute. You should def get bangs again lol