Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what's in my... iPad!

remember this post? well I'm still a nose bag so I thought I would do an iPad edition!

again, I'm not going to go through every app but I will do a couple of my top faves and if you have any questions about any of them leave me a comment!

top faves:
1. twitter. obvious.
2. reddit. this shit is hilarious!! who doesn't love looking at pictures of cats all day?
3. g-whizz. okay, if you need a genius way to follow all the blogs you love than you need g-whizz. linny told me about this app and I seriously check it more than twitter. just type in your google account and it displays a list of all the newest posts up. AMAZEBALLS.
I might actually write a whole post on it because I love it so much.
4. Pinterest. didn't check it for awhile and these days I'm obsessed.
5 and 6. flow free and where's the water are my all time favourite games. and they have free versions!

honestly don't really use a lot of apps on this page. except my calculator, I suck at math.
oh and alpha baby anytime Katie wants to play on my iPad.
if you know of any apps for 18 months old let me know! this chick is seriously tech savvy already.

last two pages are all miscellaneous games that I sometimes play.

my back ground is a picture of sprinkles I took while typing up this delicious post (not pills that both my sister and mom assumed, on separate occasions. apparently they think I'm a pill popper).

let me know what your favourite apps are!

happy wednesday!


Lin said...

I know this post is full of other things besides sprinkles but that's all I can think of. Seriously, someone get me a fucking donut asap!

Katrin said...

I looove to play Scramble and Words with friends! :)
And I need to clean up my iPhone!