Sunday, February 10, 2013

sunday social

I hate being a girl.  once a month I fucking despise it.  today is that day.  and you'd think that there would be a hot water bottle somewheres in this house wouldn't you?  an old lady lives here!  nope.  no luck.  I am improvising with a hot dish cloth resting on the uterus I wish didn't exist in this moment.

alright, I'll stop being dramatic.  lets do another sunday social with neely and ashley!

Sunday Social

What was your first car?
the first car I ever 'owned' was a 2000 Acura.  I put owned in quotations because technically it was my parents but it turned into mine.  want to see the first car I ever bought on my own!?  she's a beauty.

Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
I'm not sure if I had one?  I really liked my grade nine home room teacher because you could get away with almost anything.

Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
I played every sport I was half decent at.  basketball was my favourite, played provincial from like grade 7-12 and got to go to Canada Games which was pretty unreal.
I unfortunately have no pictures of this on my computer.

volleyball would have been a close second.  it was just what I did when ball was out of season but there was no pressure in it and I was pretty good (being tall helps).  badminton, softball, and soccer were others I dabbled in.

I was really paying attention to the game behind me...

athletes of the year.

What was your favourite birthday party?
I've got two for this one.  for my 19th (legal drinking age in canada) I had a pub crawl.  yup, all to myself.  best time ever.
or a couple years ago when a bunch of my girls surprised me in fredericton, that was pretty unreal.

Who was your teen celebrity crush?
shia labeouf in even stevens.  not even kidding.

What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
I'm not sure if there really was one?  I watched one of the scream movies in like grade 4 and was so scared I slept with my parents for a couple weeks.  after that I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies.

have a good weekend!


Amy @ Living N Learning said...
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Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Even Stevens, gosh I remember that. They don't make cool shows like that any more!

Katrin said...

I don't know Even Stevens but he looks so adorable! :)