Thursday, February 21, 2013

[random thursday] ridiculous fears

I dare you to link up with em, lin and I.  all the cool kids are doing it!

as soon as I got the random thursday newsletter I couldn't believe the topic this week! I was actually just thinking of some ridiculous fears the other day.

first of all, the one I've had my whole life is people touching my neck.  I cannot stand it and it drives me nuts.  it's not like I think people are going to choke me to death or anything I just don't like it.  I think growing up I just always hated it and now it's grown into a personal space thing.  some people have zero personal space and love being close and touchy.  me?  complete opposite.  I'm surrounded by my personal bubble and you are not invited in.  sorry.

another that I think started after Katie was born is choking.  every since that little fart was born I always got anxiety when she ate.  any coughing at all and I was sure she was a goner.  I know ridiculous.
even now that she has teeth and knows what she's doing I hate watching her eat.

and it's not even just with her.  I had a dream my sister choked and I was trying to dig out the food and just kept pushing it down.  like seriously what's wrong with me.

a lady I used to work with choked on roast beef one day at work, like legit couldn't breath for a second and had to reach down her throat and pull it out.  terrified the fuck out of me.  just happened so quick!

another is getting in a car accident.  I am a ridiculously nervous driver.  any amount of snow on the road and I get panicky.  I am getting better with this with having to drive back and forth to work in shitty ass weather though.  I'm starting to realize that it will take a lot to go off the road.

and it's stupid because I hate driving but I hate when other people drive me in bad weather too.  I'm sure Lukas has wanted to kill me a hundred times before.  I'm that passenger that will gasp, grab onto the door or make comments about his speed.  I'm thankful he puts up with me.

tell me your ridiculous fears and link up!



Katrin said...

Oh, I hate it when people touch my neck too. I just can't stand it!

Martha Hokenson said...

I have such a thing about personal space...I hate it when people feel the need to standthisclosetome, whether we're talking or standing in line...and the constant touching. Arm touch. Back pat. From people I barely know! Ugh. I need to carry a piece of chalk with me to establish the zone of acceptable proximity with people!

Tamara said...

I hate people that get all up in my personal space bubble. My step mother in law is very much like that and she's kind of a loud, open mouth chewer too so I get scared she's going to spit green beans all over me or something. Yuck.

I hear you on the choking! I watch Lillie like a hawk when she's eating something - I should probably just go take a CPR class, I think it would help my fear but I just haven't done it yet. Maybe that's something you can do though??

Lin said...

Im not fond of close talkers, much less people touching me so the neck touching is a big no-no in my book. Truth is if you you're not helping me put on a necklace then you need to step off.

Driving used to be such a nervous thing for me but after 4 yrs of commuting 80 miles every day for work I'm a fucking pro. Soon you will be too ;)


I wasn't ever afraid of choking until that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda chokes and has to give herself the heimlich (sp?) by running into some boxes.

Also that's why I don't drive. That and, you know, traffic.

Kotryna Bass said...

you're the cool kids indeed!

Scarlett said...

Ohhhh, neck touching totally creeps me out too! xxx