Sunday, February 17, 2013

[money] how to start a budget

so as you all know I just bought a brand spankin new car and now I am the lucky new owner of a car payment and higher insurance, woot woot!!!

with these great new payments comes a very high neccessity to save mulah.  I had heard about the envelope method where you allocate a certain amount of money to each envelope for however long you decide and once that moneys gone its gone.  

but.  I'm not a cash person.  I hardly ever use it so I decided to create a spreadsheet where I could keep track of how much I'm spending on what.  

I knew I needed something portable so I found a spreadsheet app I could put on my ipad and iphone, figured out a layout I liked and this is what I got!

*tip* I did this on my laptop and then am going to import it onto my ipad.  just easier there.

also, I made a bunch of different tabs and named them the dates that I get paid.  I find that really helpful for monthly payments (rent and insurance) and knowing that I have another pay coming up within the last few days of the month enables me to relax a bit.

want this file? download it here!

here's to hoping I can stay on track!


Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Ugh I need this... I actually thought of doing the envelope system (even though I never carry cash) but have yet to do it.

Chelsea said...

I bought a new vehicle a few years back; I originally got a bank loan but ended up paying it off by using the money from my parents line of credit - the difference in the interest rate was huge! I set up an excel spreadsheet that tracked my monthly payments to my parents, along with the interest I owed them.

Good luck with your budget!

Life By Lex said...

I'm an excel freak. I need to start budgeting myself. Although, I dont really save anything because 96% of my pay goes to loans or grad school. Boo loans!

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I've been using a website called to track my finances and set up budgets and such. It's awesome. You link your bank accounts, credit cards (if you can), etc. and it tracks everything for you. I would suggest checking it out.