Friday, February 22, 2013

[love] hey amber nicole

I'm obsessed with you guys.  I'm sorry!  I just noticed that I have over 160 followers and that makes me a very happy girl.  I think my favourite part of the day is checking my phone at lunch or after work when I haven't seen it all day and getting to read your comments and tweets!

another favourite thing?  is that people are actually interested in advertising on my little spot!  

annnndddd my very first ever advertiser is the awesome amber!!

first of all.  this chick rocks and I've been reading her blog for awhile now.  I think I found her through 10 on Tuesday (which she now hosts!!).  AND she's holding underwear in her picture.  I have no idea why I found that so amusing but I just thought it was hilarious!

want to know some randomness about her??

she's a lefty which makes her extra special.  my boss is a lefty and I swear it throws me off every time I pass him a pen.  weird, I know.

she got a passport awhile back to try and give herself a kick to travel and she's never used it!!  any suggestions on your favourite destinations?

she would love to live in LA.  sigh.  me too.  so frigging bad.  sun all day every day!? yes please!!

annnnd the best random fact about her?  she has an 8 year old son who she considers her best friend.  yes, we can all say aww together.  not only is she an awesome blogger but she's an awesome mom too.

alright alright alright I'll get my head out of amber's ass!  if you only have time to do one thing today CHECK HER OUT!!

if you are interested on you're meaghan me crazy go here.


Katrin said...

Amber rocks! I follow her blog! And you rock too, Meg!

Lin said...

Word. Amber's one bad ass chick! She & I are always having these little chick-dates haha. Seriously, if you think she's entertaining on a blog, you'll love her on video chat.

Unknown said...

I love you guys :)